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Dentures & Partials - Massapequa Park, NY • Long Island

Eat, Smile, Laugh & Eat the Foods You Love

If you’re currently walking around with one or more missing teeth, then you don’t need us to list all of the problems you likely have to deal with every day. Simple things like smiling, talking, and eating can feel uncomfortable and awkward, and you’re probably worried people will immediately judge you if they see the condition of your teeth. At Smile Creations, Dr. Allan Mohr and our team aren’t here to judge you, we’re here to offer a solution: dentures in Massapequa Park. Whether you’re missing just a few teeth or all of them, we can help you get your complete smile back.

Why Choose Dr. Allan S. Mohr for Dentures & Partials?

  • Permanently Attach Your Dentures with Mini-Dental Implants
  • Same-Day Relines & Repairs
  • Eat Your Favorite Foods with Confidence & Ease

Partial & Full Dentures: An Overview

Woman holding full dentures in Massapequa Park

Dentures are a type of dental prosthetic used to replace any number of missing teeth. Typically, they consist of natural-looking ceramic teeth set onto a base that is designed to resemble gum tissue. Partial dentures can fit comfortably among remaining teeth while filling in the gaps, while full dentures sit directly on the gums to replace an entire row. While traditional dentures are removable, we also offer implant-retained dentures to help patients achieve the strongest and most reliable hold possible.

The Benefits of Dentures

Man handling a partial denture on Long Island

We’re not overstating when we say that getting a custom-made denture can literally change your life. When designed by a highly-experienced dentist like Dr. Mohr, dentures can help you:

  • Restore your smile and regain your confidence
  • Speak more clearly
  • Eat a wider variety of foods with ease
  • Stay protected against gum disease
  • Improve your overall health

Getting Dentures with Dr. Mohr

Closeup of a smiling elderly dental patient

Dr. Mohr always has one simple goal in mind with his denture patients: to give them the absolute best of everything, whether that refers to comfort, beauty, or durability. He will custom-design your dentures to look natural and fit seamlessly into your mouth, and he only works with the most elite dental labs to create his restorations so they can be trusted to last.

The entire process to get them will begin with a consultation with Dr. Mohr. After an oral exam and taking some X-rays to look at your bite, he’ll use this information to make an initial model of your dentures. Over the course of a few appointments, you’ll try on different models until the perfect one is found. Once that happens, he’ll send the model to the lab to cast your final dentures, and you’ll return to have them fitted.

Living with New Dentures

Older Long Island couple smiling with perfect dentures

Whether you get a partial or full denture, it will take your mouth some time to adjust to them. To help you get used to chewing, we suggest sticking to a soft food diet at first and gradually adding more foods as you become comfortable. Reading out loud with them will help make speech feel more comfortable as well. A little soreness in the gums is expected for the first few days, but if you experience any persistent pain or irritation due to your dentures, just give Dr. Mohr a call, and he’ll be happy to adjust them for you.

Come Get Your Smile Back

Dr. Mohr has decades of experience as a restorative dentist on Long Island, so no matter how many teeth you may be missing now, he can help you rebuild your smile for a lifetime with dentures made just for you. To get started, request an appointment today.

Denture FAQs

If you are struggling with the inconveniences of missing teeth, we hope you soon visit our team for a dentures consultation. Before you do that, however, you might like to learn more about this treatment and what you can expect from it. You may find some pertinent information in the following list of frequently asked questions. For more personalized guidance, please give our team a call.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

The cost of your dentures will depend on how many teeth you need to replace, what materials are used to make your dentures, and whether you choose an implant-retained or traditional prosthetic. During your consultation, our team will provide you with a candid estimate for the price of your treatment and help you look into your payment options.

Will People Be Able to Tell that I Have Dentures?

Dr. Mohr carefully designs each denture to complement a patient’s natural facial characteristics and oral anatomy. As long as your dentures fit well, onlookers should not be able to tell that they are not your natural teeth.

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Traditional, non-implant dentures lose their fit over time due to changes in the size and shape of the jawbone. While relines can make up for such changes to a degree, you will eventually need to replace your dentures altogether, perhaps after 5 – 8 years or so. Because dental implants prevent changes to the jaw’s shape, implant-retained dentures tend to last longer than their traditional counterparts.

Will I Have to Avoid Any Foods?

Traditional dentures can handle a wide variety of foods. However, it is best if you avoid foods with small pieces that might sneak beneath your prosthetic (popcorn and foods with a lot of tiny seeds are examples of this). You should also be cautious when you are eating tough foods, such as chewy meats.

Can I Sleep With My Dentures in My Mouth?

It is best to remove your dentures every evening before you go to bed. Doing so will give your gums an opportunity to rest and help to prevent sores. When you remove your dentures, you should clean them and put them in water or a denture-soaking solution overnight.

What Should I Do if I Accidentally Damage My Dentures?

Do not try to wear damaged dentures. They might harm your gums or other sensitive tissues in your mouth. Instead, give our office a call. In most cases, we are able to repair dentures on a same-day basis.  If the damage to your dentures is severe, we will get started on the process of designing a replacement for you.

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