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Cosmetic Dentistry—Veneers & Periodontics
Smile of the Month

January 2023

Modern-day orthodontics can accomplish some truly amazing things when it comes to improving the function and aesthetics of the teeth. But, even in the best-case scenario, the process can take months to complete. Mike had wanted to enhance his smile for years, but he was initially told that his only choice was orthodontics. He ultimately declined because he had waited long enough and wanted to make a change right away.

Fortunately, Mike was able to sit down with Dr. Mohr for a comprehensive evaluation, and he came up with a plan that would get him the result he desired without having to go through orthodontics. Instead, Dr. Mohr referred Mike to a member of his “Dream Team,” a periodontist, to remove his misaligned teeth and tissue graft the treatment areas to restore the contour of the gum line. Then, Dr. Mohr was able to complete his transformation using veneers afterward.

Mike shows that the collaborative approach Dr. Mohr takes in certain cases cannot only help a patient get what they want, but also how they want it, even when things are complicated. With him, it’s not just the destination that matters, but the journey as well. The result speaks for itself, but Mike also has a lot to say about his experience:

Dr. Mohr and his team exceeded all my expectations. It was an absolute delight to work with them and I couldn't be happier with the result. I highly recommend Dr. Mohr to anyone who appreciates a true master of his trade. I was referred to Dr. Mohr for a challenging veneer procedure, something I put off for years. I knew I made the right decision from the very first consult, he outlined the entire process for me step-by-step and there was never a surprise or concern. Lastly, Dr. Mohr's team is just as caring, professional and patient as he is - you won't find a better alternative.”

Before & Afters

Headshot of Mike before Veneers Headshot of Mike after veneers on Long Island from Dr. Allan Mohr
Closeup of Mike before Long Island veneers Closeup of Mike after Long Island veneers
Closeup of Mike before Long Island veneers Closeup of Mike after Long Island veneers
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