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High-Quality Dental Implants in Massapequa

Man with a beautiful, complete smile thanks to dental implants in massapequaWhen it comes to replacing teeth with dental implant supported prosthetics, most dentists agree that this option provides patients the most natural looking and feeling restoration for any number of missing teeth. At Smile Creations, Dr. Allan S. Mohr and his Massapequa Park dental team offer patients skilled dental implant placement and restoration utilizing only the highest quality materials. Dr. Mohr’s years of experience and training coupled with our superior implant materials and technologies gives our patients confidence that dental implant restorations will be successful and effective.

Should You Choose Dentures or Dental Implants Bellmore?

smiling woman with beautiful teeth thanks to the dental implants bellmore residents trustPatients who are fully edentulous (without teeth) have relied on dentures to replace missing teeth for decades. Advances in dental technology offer these patients an alternative to traditional dentures: implant supported dental prosthetics. Each option has its benefits, and the only way to know for sure which is right for your individual case is to schedule a consultation with the 5-star New York dentist, Dr. Allan S. Mohr. During a dental consultation, Dr. Mohr and his team thoroughly examine your smile, and offer personalized recommendations for optimal tooth replacement success. At the end of the day, the decision to replace teeth with dentures or dental implants, is a personal one, but our team provides the necessary information for patients to make a decision they feel confident in.

The Family Dentist Massapequa Residents Trust with Generations of Smiles

Happy family with beautiful smiles thanks to the family dentist massapequa residents preferIt is the greatest joy of the team at Smile Creations when patients choose our practice for their dental care, and bring their children and grandchildren to see us too. It means the world to our team that patients regularly trust us with their most precious smiles, and we strive to offer the best care for patients of all ages. In addition to our friendly, welcoming atmosphere and superior care for each patient, Smile Creations is a great practice for families as we offer extended evening and weekend hours making scheduling appointments for the whole family a snap. We welcome children at our office, and hope you will trust our team to help your child develop a lifetime of oral health habits and healthy smiles.

Smile Confidently Again With Full-Mouth Reconstruction

father daughter matching missing teeth need full-mouth reconstructionIf you have a severely damaged smile — maybe you’re missing several teeth, or it could be that years of living have left them worn down and decayed — you probably feel a significant amount of shame and embarrassment to show your smile. Or maybe you’ve gotten used to the embarrassment of a damaged smile, and you’re dealing with extremely low self-esteem as a result. If that’s the case, there’s something I want you to know today, and not a second later: there’s a solution for your severely damaged teeth.

Expert root canal therapy by your Massapequa Park dentist saves teeth

The dentist removes infected tooth pulp with a series of fine files.Pain, a swollen jaw and lymph nodes, reddened gums–these may be symptoms of an infected tooth. For correct treatment of an abscess with gentle and precise root canal therapy in Massapequa Park, consult Allan S. Mohr DDS Smile Creations.

“Oh, my aching tooth!” It’s nothing to fool around with. Symptoms of pain, bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth, swollen lymph nodes or jaw, red gums–all may indicate an infected, or abscessed, tooth. Because of injury, excessive decay or a faulty restoration, bacteria invades the inner chambers of tooth roots, causing the pulp to become infected.

Give Your Smile The Love It Needs With Dental Implants

ThinkstockPhotos-519555723Missing teeth can be a real drag to deal with, especially if you have multiple missing teeth. Let’s be honest, nobody wants to be seen with a smile that has unwanted spaces. Beautiful smiles get noticed for all of the right reasons and we think your smile should receive the best treatment possible if you are dealing with an unpleasant smile. As part of our restorative dentistry service in Massapequa Park, NY, we can bring aesthetic quality back to your mouth. When you have a missing-tooth problem, it can affect every aspect of your life, down to just having a conversation. You shouldn’t have to suffer with these basic tasks. Our dental implant therapy can bring relaxation and comfort back to your mouth. Don’t believe us? There are countless patients who have praised just how great dental implants are for their mouths. If you’re ready to bring comfort back to your oral health, see Dr. Mohr.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Massapequa

ThinkstockPhotos-480246305When it comes to offering cosmetic dentistry services in the area, your Massapequa, NY implant dentist, Dr. Allan S. Mohr, is the best around. You don’t have to travel far and wide to enjoy a beautiful smile. Dr. Mohr’s dental expertise has spanned nearly three decades and has performed thousands of restorative and cosmetic dental procedures. You and your family are in good hands.


Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Did you know your smile is the first thing people notice about you? Studies show that a great smile improves your likability. Before you can start showing off your pearly whites, there is some work to be done. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Mohr, in Massapequa, NY, is the name you can trust when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.


Our services include the following:

  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Teeth Whitening (Kör, Zoom!, take-home trays)
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Porcelain crowns


Cosmetic dental bonding: Alternative to porcelain veneers and reserved for reshaping imperfections including small chips, narrow gaps, or minimal damage with mold-able composite resin material. Each patient’s mouth is different, so while this may be the appropriate service to use, it’s best to sit down with Dr. Mohr and explore your options.


Kör Teeth Whitening: Effective treatment that can eliminate stains that other teeth whitening systems are unfit to handle. With a little home maintenance, your teeth can stay white forever. It’s safe, comfortable and recommended for patients aged 14 and up.


Zoom! Teeth Whitening: Using a concentrated blue light, your teeth can get several shades whiter in just one in-office treatment. It’s the latest in teeth whitening and has gained massive popularity over the years. This procedure lasts anywhere from an hour to an hour-and-a half, but we make it as relaxing as possible with massage chairs.


Take-Home Teeth Whitening: The best choice for patients who are always on-the-go. These custom-made take-home teeth whitening trays get consistent results all in the name of comfort. The best part is you can whiten you teeth on your time. No in-office visits, no schedule conflicts, no worries.


Implant Dentistry Services

Losing teeth is a part of life, but sometimes loss occurs to accident, injury, illness or disease. Dental implants can secure a single tooth, or several teeth, or even a full denture. Smile, eat and speak with confidence with the help of Dr. Mohr. A dental implant is simply an artificial tooth root made from titanium. Dental implants in Massapequa are done professionally and with extra care by Dr. Mohr and his team.


Schedule an Appointment Today

Set up an appointment at our Massapequa, NY office. We welcome all patients located in and around the area including Massapequa Park, Seaford, Wantagh, Lindenhurst, Farmingdale and beyond. Give your smile the care it deserves!

See a Radiant New Smile Today with Digital Smile Design in Massapequa Park, NY

Digital smile design is the newest and most advanced cosmetic dental technology in the industry, allowing men and women who are dissatisfied with their smiles reclaim their self-confidence and improved oral health. At Smile Creations, Dr. Allan Mohr and his team work closely with each of our patients, developing a personalized treatment plan that is capable of amazing smile transformations. We look forward to sharing this revolutionary new cosmetic dentistry solution with you, and to providing you with exceptional care at our Massapequa Park, NY dental office.

The Digital Smile Design Process: Crafting Your Beautiful Smile

The digital smile design process begins with a consultation with Dr. Mohr. We’ll take photographs of not only your teeth and gums, but of your entire face as well. Your facial structure, contours, and the distance between various facial features all factor in to the overall appearance of your smile. During this consultation, we’ll talk with you about your expectations for treatment, gaining a better understanding of your goals and unique concerns.

Mohr Before Resized

Before photo of actual patient

The photographs taken will be used to create a digital simulation of your newly redesigned smile; you’ll be able to view your results before treatment even begins. Patients love having the ability to see their smile as it should be – balanced, bright, and beautiful – displayed clearly on our screen before committing to treatment.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Mohr may employ one or more restorative or cosmetic dentistry techniques to achieve your desired results. These may include:

When your treatment is complete, you’ll finally feel free to share your smile confidently with the people who matter most in your life, all the while knowing that you look as fantastic as you feel.

Schedule Your Digital Smile Design Consultation Today

With the latest in digital smile design technology and decades of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Allan Mohr can help make your vision of a confident, flawless smile a reality. Contact us today to schedule your consultation, and discover the difference that our dedication, cutting-edge equipment, and vast experience can make in the appearance of your smile. Dr. Mohr proudly serves the complete oral healthcare needs of patients from throughout Massapequa Park, Seaford, Long Island, Wantagh, Farmingdale, Lindenhurst, and the surrounding areas.

Your 11762 Dentist


A Massapequa Park, NY Dentist You Can Trust

When you are searching for a reliable, gentle, and experienced dentist in the 11762 area, you want to be absolutely sure that the oral healthcare expert you choose offers everything you’ll need under one convenient roof. At the Massapequa Park, NY dental office of Dr. Allan S. Mohr, you’ll find everything you and your family need to keep your smile both healthy and looking its best. Dr. Mohr serves patients from throughout the 11762 area with a caring touch, extensive credentials, and a love of dentistry that shows in every treatment he performs.

Experience the Difference: A 11762 Dentist Who Cares

Over his many years as a Massapequa Park, NY dentist, Dr. Mohr has had the opportunity to treat a variety of cases, including those that are extreme in nature. His all-encompassing range of restorative and cosmetic dentistry solutions makes it possible to heal and transform even the most severely damaged smiles in a way that suits each individual’s lifestyle and circumstances. Missing teeth are effectively replaced with state-of-the-art dental implants and beautifully crafted, lifelike porcelain crowns. Badly damaged smiles – even in patients who have avoided the dentist for years – can be restored to full health and aesthetic brilliance with full-mouth reconstruction. Cosmetic concerns are resolved with a wide selection of services and treatments, including KoR Whitening, Zoom! Teeth Whitening, porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, and more. No matter the status of your smile, Dr. Mohr and his team offer a one-of-a-kind solution that is guaranteed to fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations.

From the first time you visit Dr. Allan Mohr in Massapequa Park, NY, you’ll notice a difference in our practice that sets us apart from other dental offices in the area. For Dr. Mohr, the health, well-being, and ultimate satisfaction of his patients are always the first priority. From helping with the filing of insurance claims and offering CareCredit financing to customizing dental treatment plans, Dr. Mohr works with his patients in every way possible. He genuinely loves helping his patients regain their confidence through superior dental care, changing their lives for the better one healthy, radiant smile at a time.

Dr. Mohr has served the oral healthcare needs of our community as a Massapequa Park, NY dentist for nearly three decades, providing area families with the cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry solutions they need to keep their smiles beautiful and healthy. Contact us today to schedule your consultation, and discover what a dramatic difference our patient-centric approach and genuine dedication can make in your smile. Dr. Mohr and his caring, experienced team warmly welcome patients from throughout Massapequa Park, NY and the surrounding areas, including Long Island, Seaford, Lindenhurst, Wantagh, and beyond.

Dental Implants vs. Crown and Bridge: Which Restorative Option is Right for You?

Shutterstock Explaining ImplantsFor patients with missing teeth, modern technology and the wide world of restorative dentistry offer many options. At Smile Creations in Massapequa Park, NY, Dr. Allan Mohr and his team help patients of various ages and backgrounds rebuild their damaged, incomplete smiles with lifelike, quality restorations, including dental implants and bridges. A common question from patients considering tooth replacement options involves the choice between dental implants and a bridge: which one is best?

Should I Choose a Bridge or Dental Implants?

A fixed bridge is a dental prosthesis that is designed to replace between one and three missing teeth, spanning the gap between two natural teeth that are structurally sound. Two custom-made porcelain crowns are affixed to the anchoring teeth on either side of the gap, and the prosthetic teeth in between effectively replace those that have been lost.

A dental implant replaces the entirety of a missing tooth, including the root within the bone of the jaw. It consists of a strategically placed post that fuses with the jaw over time, serving as a sturdy anchor for a custom restoration. Dental implants look, feel, and function exactly like your natural teeth, all while providing essential stimulation within the jaw bone; this prevents further deterioration and reduces the risk of additional tooth loss in the future. A dental implant is the one restorative option that precisely mirrors the functionality of a natural tooth, allowing patients to eat, speak, and smile freely without limitations.

So which is better? Because each patient is unique, there is no straightforward, one-size-fits-all answer to this question. A consultation with Dr. Mohr will help determine which restorative dentistry solution best suits your individual needs, giving you the opportunity to explore your options and get answers to any questions you may have. Our team looks forward to helping you with your decision and providing you with the best restorative dental care in the industry.

Reclaim Your Smile with Dr. Mohr

Whether you are missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or you are in need of full-mouth reconstruction, Dr. Mohr is here to help. Contact our office today to explore the possibilities afforded by our extensive array of restorative and cosmetic dental solutions; we can’t wait to show you what a difference our commitment to your satisfaction, smile, and overall health can make in your everyday life. Our practice warmly welcomes patients from throughout Massapequa Park, NY and beyond, including nearby communities in Farmingdale, Seaford, Long Island, Wantagh, Lindenhurst, and more. Call us today to begin your journey toward exceptional oral health and a beautiful smile for life.

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