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The Bridge is Out! How to Handle a Loose Dental Bridge

January 17, 2024

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Ever since you got your dental bridge, you haven’t given your missing teeth a second thought. But you find yourself thinking about them a lot these days, however, because your bridge has suddenly become extremely loose, even feeling like it’s going to fall out at times. Your nightmare is that you’ll end up having to grab your teeth off of your plate while spending time with friends and family, so something needs to be done fast! But what should that something be? Keep reading to learn why this might be happening and what you should do next.

Problem: Dental Bridge is Loose

Solution: See Your Dentist at Earliest Convenience

The first day you were fitted with your dental bridge, it probably felt nice and secure, but now it seems to wiggle in your mouth. This might be due to the gum and bone tissue in the area changing shape.

After teeth go missing, the part of the mouth that used to support them slowly resorbs, or shrinks, which can alter how a bridge sits. The best thing to do is schedule an appointment with your dentist in the near future so they can update your prosthetic or give you a new one if needed.

Problem: Dental Bridge Falls Out

Solution: See Your Dentist Right Away

A dental bridge that consistently falls out can be due to the reason we just covered above, or the prosthetic itself might be damaged. Something as simple as taking a bite into an extremely hard piece of food or accidentally dropping it on the counter while you’re cleaning it can damage the arms that keep it in place. If you have a fixed bridge, there might be an issue with the crowns/implants on either side that are supposed to hold it still, such as an infection.

No matter the cause, you should reach out to your dentist and try to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. A dental bridge that is this unstable can potentially be swallowed, or you might even inadvertently bite down on it when eating, which can severely damage your teeth.

No Need to Wait

This kind of problem won’t get better on its own, and in fact, will only grow worse over time if you ignore it (or try to fix the bridge yourself). The safest, fastest, and most effective way to get what you need is also the simplest—visit your dentist. A quick exam will let them know exactly what to do, and before you know it, you’ll be back to not having to think about your missing teeth.

About the Author

Widely considered to be one of the most accomplished and skilled cosmetic dentists in the country, Dr. Allan Mohr has dedicated his career to serving the Massapequa Park community for the last 30+ years. An in-demand trainer, speaker, and educator, his favorite thing to do is help his patients achieve the smiles of their dreams, and he has enabled countless people to do just that using both traditional and dental implant bridges. If you’re having trouble with your current bridge and want to upgrade, reach out to Dr. Mohr by clicking here or calling (516) 541-7344.

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