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Smile of the Month

March 2018

Dr. Mohr Knows It’s All About the Angles

A trained cosmetic dentist knows having a beautiful smile isn’t just about having white, sparkling teeth; it’s also about making sure they are positioned just right. That’s something our friend and patient Lisa knows very well, too. She had dealt with slanting porcelain veneers that were placed on her front teeth by a dentist and for years, she just never really felt great about the way her smile looked as a result of this issue. After her first visit to Dr. Allan S. Mohr’s office, she learned about something called a smile makeover -- and now, she’s so glad she scheduled that very first consultation.

Dr. Mohr is the cosmetic dentist who is cut out for cases like Lisa’s. While many general dentists are quickly adding cosmetic treatments to their list of services, not everyone is truly qualified to perform the biggest tasks. Expert cosmetic dentists have the years of training and continuing education that form the foundation of their knowledge -- not to mention the before-and-afters and respect that come as a result of the highest quality dentistry.

Lisa is just one of the many wonderful before and after stories Dr. Mohr can provide, and that’s why we are happy to feature her as March’s Smile of the Month!

When she came into the office for an initial cosmetic consultation, Dr. Mohr knew she would be well-served by the replacement of her old porcelain veneers and a beautiful smile makeover. Digital designs and diagnostic wax ups -- or a physical representation of the proposed changes -- allowed Lisa to see what the transformation would look like before it even began. She agreed wholeheartedly with the proposed treatment, which dramatically improved the positioning of her slanted front teeth. Then, Dr. Mohr set about simply removing her old  veneers and placing perfectly shaped and properly angled temporaries while the new restorations were crafted from one of the finest ceramists in dentistry.  Her temporaries looked exactly like what Lisa had wanted her teeth to look like.

A couple of weeks later, Lisa returned to our office for the application of the new veneers. And the result? The best we could have hoped for: a happy patient. Today, Lisa has a beautiful grin she loves to flash -- with teeth that are all at the perfect angle. It was technically a “minor” fix, but one that made a major difference for Lisa’s smile and self-confidence.

Lisa’s is just one story of a whole list of smiles that have been remade by Dr. Mohr. He is the qualified dentist patients can trust for transformations big and small! To learn more about what’s possible with your teeth, we invite you to request an appointment at ASM Smile Creations today!

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Jackie's Smile Journey

February 2018

Jackie's Smile Journey

Most people know to visit a dentist for their cleanings, checkups or problematic tooth. But what about when there is a unusual swelling?

Our patient and friend Jackie is February’s Smile of the Month because Dr. Mohr had to reconstruct the smile she was born with. After performing a routine, comprehensive examination, Dr. Mohr found a tumor on the roof of her mouth -- it was, thankfully, benign, but with its removal, Jackie lost her two front teeth as well. With Dr. Mohr on her side, she knew she had hope to eventually regain her smile with dental implants.

Jackie needed to have a bone graft from her hip to replace the tissue and bone that was lost with the tumor removal and create the proper environment for dental implants. Dr. Mohr led the team of specialists who did the bone graft and implantation procedures to help ensure Jackie received the most informed and expert care.

It was year-long process from the removal of the tumor and those two front teeth that came with it, but Jackie says she felt confident knowing Dr. Mohr was on her side every step of the way. In addition to setting her up with the very best oral surgeon, Dr. Mohr and his team checked in with her regularly throughout the year. Having them in close contact helped her feel like someone really cared about her smile journey… and that, she says, was worth so much!

Today, Jackie’s two front teeth are back in place and she feels fantastic about the result. Her experience getting here couldn’t have been better. As she says in her own words:

"As a lifelong patient of Dr. Mohr, I always knew what a wonderful dentist he was. Everyone would share horror stories about their negative experiences and I would say, "Not my dentist, he's amazing!" I recently went through a very traumatic experience. This ordeal not only confirmed what I already knew, but made me realize even more how lucky I am to have Dr. Mohr as my dentist. I had a large tumor on the roof of my mouth (thank goodness it was benign). However, in order to remove this growth, a surgeon had to remove my two front teeth as well. I share this story with everyone because Dr. Mohr helped me every step of the way through this year-long process. He met with me to explain exactly what would happen even before the surgery. He also initiated communication with my surgeon to carefully plan the best course of action for me. Dr. Mohr and his staff reached out to me several times after the surgery to see how I was doing as well. Constant communication with my surgeon continued throughout the year to ensure that I was receiving the best care possible. The patience, compassion, and kindness that I was shown truly helped me get through a very emotional time. To me, this trust and comfort was most important. Not to mention Dr. Mohr's expertise and exceptional talent at what he does! He worked so hard to make my teeth perfect and gave me back my smile (even better than it was before:)! THANK YOU, Dr. Mohr, and everyone in your office for all you do! You really are exceptional!!”

Jackie is just one patient who has had her smile (and her life) improved by Dr. Mohr. If you don’t know where to turn, take comfort knowing Dr. Mohr is the dentist patients and professionals turn to when they feel like they have lost hope. You are invited to request an appointment today!

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A High Schooler’s Smile Fixed, Just In Time for Prom

November 2017

After enduring most of her high school years with an imperfect smile, Chelsea had one hope: for her orthodontic treatment to be completed in time for her high school prom and graduation. She was recommended to Dr. Mohr. After years of going to dentists who just didn’t know where to start with her problematic case, Dr. Mohr evaluated her smile, occlusion (bite) and knew he would be able to solve her problem with his “Dream Team” of specialists.

Her smile issues were far more complex than most teens’ orthodontic needs. Chelsea had congenitally missing teeth -- or missing teeth from birth -- in addition to significant issues with the alignment of her bite. Like most teens, she was dealing with a bit of low self-esteem due to the appearance of her smile.

Because Chelsea was a young patient, Dr. Mohr had to take the growth and development of her jaw and oral structures into consideration. Dr. Mohr worked with his “Dream Team” of a trusted orthodontist to realign her bite as well as with a talented periodontist who placed two dental implants to take care of the missing teeth.

It wasn’t a short process. In fact, Chelsea refers to the 2 year treatment process as more of a journey. And in the end, our team was able to give this bright young girl the teeth she was missing from birth, correct the alignment of her bite, and boost her self-esteem immensely. Just in time for her high school prom!

Chelsea says she was most impressed by the “professional and detail oriented” treatment she received from Dr. Mohr as he spearheaded her treatment with his team of experts. She also appreciated that she felt not just like a patient, but a friend every time she visited the office -- and she could really tell that our team is truly passionate about our work.

Read what Chelsea has to say about her experience in her own words. She may only be in high school, but her writing really speaks volumes:

“Hearing that other professionals wouldn't trust their own children with anyone else or that Dr. Mohr was the best had always reinforced my decision. Regardless, the results speak for themselves. For those considering a dentist or any type of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Mohr and his staff are the best there is -- taking dentistry to a whole new level with this practice.”

If you or someone you love are dealing with significant smile imperfections like Chelsea’s, don’t lose hope. Dr. Mohr is the dentist to take on the job! You are invited to contact the office of Allan S. Mohr Smile Creations today.

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After 8 Long Years, A Beautiful Transformation

October 2017

Right now, all you have to do is see Elizabeth to know how happy she is. She’s always flashing her beautiful smile -- but it wasn’t always that way. People who knew Elizabeth many years ago might remember her as a wonderful person with a less-than-perfect smile. Stained front teeth, tooth loss, and misalignments plagued Elizabeth’s smile for years. Until she decided to do something about it.

Unfortunately, her first choice for a dentist didn’t meet with much success. As Elizabeth says, she was always afraid of having dental work done. At Smile Creations, we know how important it is to take a little extra time and compassion with wary patients. But not every dental practice follows the same creed. Elizabeth’s first dentist eventually lost her trust -- and she ended up spending a long eight years in temporary restorations.

Elizabeth knew there had to be a dental practice somewhere who would give her the caring, personalized attention she needed. She turned where most of us would -- the internet -- and soon came upon Dr. Allan S. Mohr. She scheduled an appointment and today, over a year later, Elizabeth says she “absolutely made the right choice.”

It wasn’t a short journey to Elizabeth’s new smile. Her treatment plan included overhauling her imperfect teeth with a combination of veneers and crowns. The results are fantastic! Check out Elizabeth’s before and after photos for yourself to see why we’ve featured her as October’s Smile of the Month.

But it’s not just her fantastic results that Elizabeth appreciates most. No, instead, it was the compassionate treatment she received from the moment she made her initial phone call all the way to when her results were complete. Remember that Elizabeth had always been afraid of visiting the dentist -- but it was different with Dr. Mohr, she says.

“Dr. Mohr made sure that every step of this process was my decision, he always made sure I knew what was going to happen for that visit. The staff was always very professional no matter what was going on.”

During her smile transformation, Elizabeth’s mother also fell into poor health and eventually passed away. She had to reschedule appointments many times, and “they were so understanding,” Elizabeth says. It’s that kind of treatment that really makes a difference.

We Love Transforming Smiles

Elizabeth’s is just one story of the many that we have helped transform with superior cosmetic dentistry and our expert approach. If you, too, could benefit from a significant smile overhaul, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office. Request an appointment with Dr. Mohr and our team today!

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After an Injury, James Rebuilds His Smile

September 2017

Life can certainly take some unexpected turns -- and no one knows that as well as James. He had a traumatic injury which knocked out several of his teeth and broke some others. Aside from being painful, the incident also left him with a noticeable gap in his smile. James knew he couldn’t live like that for long. He visited the office of Dr. Allan Mohr, the trusted Long Island dentist known for smile makeovers, to see what could be done. It’s a good thing he did -- today, James can’t stop smiling.

A full smile makeover is a comprehensive approach to dentistry that draws from several areas and treatments to fix severely damaged and/or cosmetically flawed teeth. Each treatment plan is built on a case-by-case basis, with an approach tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Upon examining James’ smile and evaluating the significant damage, Dr. Mohr determined that he would require help from both restorative and cosmetic aspects of dentistry. Utilizing crowns and a custom-made bridge, Dr. Mohr recreated the smile James lost.

James’ story is one of the many we are proud to have been part of, and what Dr. Mohr is known for.

Are you dealing with significantly damaged or imperfect teeth? If so, we want to help. Contact Allan S. Mohr’s office to schedule an appointment today!

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A Fashion Expert Gets the Smile of Her Dreams

July 2017

Have you ever been reluctant to flash your smile? Like maybe after eating a salad, for fear you’d have something stuck between your teeth… if so, you know how Brittany used to feel -- all the time. She never liked the way her smile looked, as her small upper teeth were almost overpowered by her bigger bottom bite. Brittany works in the fashion industry, and you can probably imagine how stressful it was to be in such an image-focused environment without ever feeling like she really looked her best.

Brittany had always known from friends and colleagues that she had options in cosmetic dentistry, but it took a while before she felt like she was really ready to make the leap. She chose Dr. Allan S. Mohr for her smile transformation, and she’s so glad she did.

Previewing the Transformation

Our office has the technology necessary to help patients like Brittany actually see what their proposed results will look like before we even get started. Dr. Mohr can set prospective patients like Brittany up with a complete digital workup, including smile analysis, models, and photos. Once she saw how fantastic her results would look, Brittany was all in. And she’s never once looked back.

It took 8 porcelain veneers and an additional cosmetic procedure to transform the appearance of this young woman’s smile. Dr. Mohr coordinated with a specialist to complete the crown lengthening that made the most dramatic difference for Brittany’s stubby teeth.

As she tells anyone who asks, from the initial consultation to the temporary veneers all the way to the final transformation, Brittany is so thrilled with her results. Check out her before and after photos to see how fantastic she looks for yourself, and you’ll see why we are happy to feature her as our Smile of the Month case.

Is a Smile Makeover Right for You?

If you could benefit from the transformative power of a full smile makeover, we invite you to join Brittany and the numerous other patients who have taken the steps necessary to improve the appearance of their smiles for life. Request an appointment today!

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From One Tooth to Your Entire Smile…

May 2017

While last month’s Smile of the Month may have been only a One-Tooth Wonder — Dr. Allan Mohr’s case for May is a bit more involved.

Aesthetics can be considered the difference between good dental care and dental excellence. The experienced cosmetic dentist must navigate between various types of restorative options, porcelain types, smile guidelines and patient preferences to meet or exceed expectations and achieve exceptional results.

Dr. Mohr, with over 30 years of cosmetic experience, realized in Marilyn’s case that proper planning was critical to create the smile she wanted. Through a comprehensive exam that included: 1) x-rays; 2) 21 photographs of the her “before smile”; 3) a thorough periodontal assessment; 4) facial measurements; 5) a diagnostic wax design of the proposed smile; and 6) digital imaging to show her options… Dr. Mohr left no stone unturned.

Marilyn had temporary teeth from another dentist that were not proportional, bulky, and displayed what is termed a “reverse smile.” This is where the four front teeth are too short in relation to adjacent teeth.

After gathering all the needed diagnostic information, Dr. Mohr could transform Marilyn’s teeth into the smile of her dreams. Her treatment included an all-porcelain bridge and crowns on previously placed implants.

Whether it’s one tooth that bothers you, or your entire smile — let Dr. Mohr and the team of Smile Creations 4U design and satisfy your desires!

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One Tooth Wonder

April 2017

You wouldn’t know it today, but there was a time when Jessica couldn’t remember a day that she felt good about her smile. She was plagued by a problem tooth, and it was more than a tooth that just didn’t quite look its best -- as Jessica describes it, her smile bothered her “beyond belief.” As she reached adulthood, Jessica knew she owed it to herself to seek a solution for the flawed tooth.

Like many other people would in her situation, Jessica did a little bit of research and scheduled an appointment with a cosmetic dentist who seemed good enough to do the job. Unfortunately, she was met with resistance at every turn. The dentist told her that a porcelain veneer just wouldn’t be possible, and that she’d simply have to learn to live with her imperfect smile. It was discouraging news.

Jessica, however, knew there had to be a better answer. She did a bit more research and, thankfully, came upon Dr. Allan S. Mohr’s website. Here, she found “overwhelming positive reviews” that enticed her to give her smile the second chance she knew it deserved. As is true with all patients who visit Smile Creations, Jessica was impressed by our office environment from the moment she walked in. Our team got to work caring for her needs and making her feel welcome right away. Her experience with our practice was different from the start, and it only got better from there. As you can probably imagine, there wasn’t anything impossible about repairing Jessica’s smile with a porcelain veneer. It just required an expert’s approach. Dr. Mohr was fit for the job.

Jessica says she’s never left an online review -- but she was so inspired by Dr. Mohr’s work that she felt compelled to share her experience with others who may be considering making similar changes through cosmetic dentistry.

Here she is, in her own words.

“...This was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Upon entering, [Dr. Mohr’s] staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and welcome. Additionally, not only could Dr. Mohr replace the tooth, but his attention to detail and care for his patients is truly unmatched. Seeing is believing, and now I love to smile!”

Jessica’s story is testimony to the dramatic changes that are possible when you visit a true expert in cosmetic dentistry, like Dr. Allan S. Mohr. Are you troubled by one, two, or many imperfect teeth? If so, there’s no reason to feel discouraged. Join Jessica and our host of other patients who can’t stop smiling they visit Dr. Mohr for transformative cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment of your own today!

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Halina Gets a New Work of Art

January 2017

Ask our patient Halina, and she’ll tell you Dr. Allan S. Mohr is more than a dentist — he’s a true artist. After years of hiding her imperfect smile, Halina asked a friend for a recommendation for someone who could help her reveal the beautiful teeth she knew were “hiding there somewhere”. Thankfully, her friend directed her to the team at Smile Creations, where full smile makeovers are Dr. Mohr’s area of expertise.

Halina already knew she would need some serious help repairing her severely damaged teeth, and after one visit with Dr. Mohr and our team, there was no doubting she had found the right partner to perform her smile transformation.

“After meeting with Dr. Mohr for my consultation, I came away impressed by his level of knowledge, experience, and professionalism,” says Halina.

Halina and Dr. Mohr had a thorough discussion about her dental health as well as her smile goals. Together, they came up with a full smile makeover treatment plan custom-tailored just for her. The process was relatively fast, and pretty easy. Although, two of Halina’s appointments took a few hours each to complete, she said the end result was well worth the investment in time.

“During these extended visits, Dr. Mohr was amazing in his ability to prevent any discomfort, as well as in his skill and professionalism,” Halina explains.

But it wasn’t just Dr. Mohr’s expert care and communication that impressed Halina. She was also blown away by our staff — because we know that our ability to provide excellent dental care at every turn is based on a team effort.

“Every member of the office has been exceptionally competent as well as very friendly,” Halina explains. “The whole team went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I felt comfortable and confident and that I was in competent hands.”

Today, Halina says she loves showing off her masterpiece — the true work of art that is her smile. While she used to be shy to flash her teeth, you’d never guess that any more. Halina can’t stop smiling — and that’s the biggest reward for us here at Smile Creations.

If Halina’s story hits close home for you, maybe it’s time for you to book a visit with the cosmetic dentist she now confidently recommends. Dr. Mohr and our team can’t wait to discuss what’s possible with your smile. Request an appointment for superior cosmetic dentistry today!

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"Dr. Mohr Is the Best Dentist I’ve Ever Had"

January 2017

"Dr. Mohr Is the Best Dentist I’ve Ever Had"

At Smile Creations, we know a beautiful, confident smile is a powerful thing. Unfortunately, too many people go around hiding behind their imperfect teeth. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Bart, this month’s Smile of the Month patient, knows visiting Dr. Mohr and the team at Smile Creations was the best thing he ever did. Tired of hiding his damaged smile, he decided to make some big life changes. He’s so glad she came to Smile Creations -- as he says, Dr. Mohr is the best dentist he’s ever had.

A full smile makeover is a comprehensive solution for repairing seriously damaged teeth. It may include treatments from cosmetic and restorative dentistry -- like porcelain veneers and tooth colored fillings -- as well as tooth replacement as needed. Dr. Mohr considers your unique oral anatomy as well as your personal goals to put together your treatment plan.

“From beginning to end, Dr. Mohr and his excellent and caring staff made me feel very comfortable. You can tell right away he is one of the top leaders in his profession. He walked me through all the steps letting me ask any questions. And the process I went through was pain-free as he is very gentle.” says this month’s Smile of the Month, describing his full smile makeover.

And the results? Amazing.

As Bart puts it, “The finished product I received has changed my smile and life completely. I have never been happier! Dr. Mohr has assembled a very professional staff as well that follows up and truly cares about their patients. Look no further, go visit him today and change your life!”

We know the power of a smile, and we are passionate about improving lives by enhancing teeth. If your smile could use a little help, what are you waiting for? Make a big life change by getting in touch with Smile Creations today.

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Mary Can’t Stop Smiling (Or Taking Selfies)

November 2016

Mary Can’t Stop Smiling (Or Taking Selfies)

Behind every smile, there’s a story. And Mary’s is the one we are excited to share with you in this November installment of Dr. Mohr’s Smile of the Month.

Anyone who knows Mary today knows one thing -- she’s not the same as she used to be. She smiles constantly. She’s more confident. And her selfie-count is growing every day.

No one notices the difference more than Mary, though.

“I must confess, I stare at my teeth incessantly in the mirror," she says with a big, beaming grin.

It’s not how Mary started out. Prior to visiting Dr. Mohr, she was constantly hiding her smile out of embarrassment of her imperfect teeth. After a thorough examination and discussion of Mary’s smile goals, Dr. Mohr recommended a full smile makeover. Mary was fully on board.

Mary says her experience at Dr. Mohr’s office couldn’t have been better. We want to share her own words as she explains the process for her full smile makeover.

“The staff assisted me right from the beginning. Laura, Donna, Laura, Becky, and Ruthann were exceptional. This is a tribute to Dr. Mohr for assembling such a dynamic team. Dr. Mohr himself not only met but he exceeded my expectations. His skill and his chairside manner not only provided me with confidence but left me assured that the end result would be exceptional. Prior to starting the procedure he gave me detailed information and a step-by-step analysis of exactly what was going to occur throughout the process.
In just a short period of time, Dr. Mohr had created a masterpiece. I could go on and on about how happy I am not only with Dr. Mohr but his entire staff and the final outcome!
I sincerely thank Dr. Mohr and his awesome team for all they have done for me. I would highly recommend his practice to anyone looking to improve their smile and self- esteem.”

We are thrilled to be able to help patients like Mary achieve their smile dreams with the full smile makeover -- and we love sharing their stories with you through Smile of the Month! Are you interested in learning how we can improve the appearance of your imperfect teeth? Request an appointment today.

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Where Magic Happens and Beautiful Smiles Begin

September 2016

Where Magic Happens and Beautiful Smiles Begin

Darlene’s is a popular face around her neighborhood. She’s a local hairstylist, so she’s always up on what’s going on around town. She loves helping people look their very best, but interacting with the public every day is the best part of her job—especially now that she’s had her smile transformation with Dr. Mohr.

Before Darlene made that first call to our office, though, she just didn’t feel great about her smile. And that took a lot of the fun out of what she loves most about her work: sharing stories and laughing with her clients. Darlene knows as well as anyone that when you don’t feel great about your smile, it makes you a little reluctant to share it with just anyone. She was dealing with discoloration between her front teeth, as well as some misalignments that, although minor, really threw off the overall appearance of her smile. She’d always wanted to do something about her dental imperfections, but sometimes taking the first step is the most difficult part.

Once Darlene finally got around to calling Smile Creations, we set her up with an appointment at a time that was convenient for her. She was soon on her way to the beautiful, dazzling smile she loves to show off today. Darlene’s smile results are simply fantastic—but don’t just take our word for it. We were so pleased when she took the time to write a review on our Facebook page. Here’s what she had to say about her experience with Dr. Mohr…

“I had a wonderful experience in this office. The staff is very professional and personable and Dr Mohr is super talented. I had an old Maryland bridge replaced and he did such a great job that you wouldn't even know I had bridges. The teeth matched and formed my smile perfect. I will recommend him to everyone! I'm so happy now I can smile in confidence.”

We are passionate about helping patients like Darlene enjoy their most beautiful smiles, and we love telling their stories every month in our Smile of the Month feature. It’s a great way to share what’s really possible when patients decide to make an investment in themselves. If you need a little bit (or a lot) of help in the smile department, please don’t wait to get in touch with Dr. Mohr. We are eager to show you what’s possible with a full smile makeover! Schedule an appointment at Smile Creations today.

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Mother of the Groom Smiles Even Bigger

August 2016

Mother of the Groom Smiles Even Bigger

Sometimes big life events encourage people to make the smile transformations they have always wished for. That’s just what happened with Paula, one of our patients from Babylon. She had considered fixing her flawed smile for years. But it wasn’t until her son’s wedding was coming up that she decided to get something done about her dental imperfections. She turned to Dr. Mohr for her full smile makeover — a comprehensive treatment for teeth like Paula’s.

Paula is so happy she took the steps to reveal her best smile, and she says she couldn’t have chosen a better dentist for the job. As she puts it, Dr. Mohr is a perfectionist, someone who isn’t satisfied until a smile looks its very best. And that’s just the kind of dentist she needed before the wedding of her son.

It’s not always easy to make an investment in yourself, but as Paula now knows, it couldn’t be more worth it once it’s over and the results are revealed. Especially in advance of once-in-a-lifetime events. Now, Paula is able to enjoy the results of her smile makeover again and again. Her bright, white smile is truly stunning — and what she had always dreamed of. Read Paula’s comments for yourself below.

"I would like to thank Dr. Mohr and his amazing staff for finally giving me the smile I've always wanted. After debating for so long, my son’s upcoming wedding gave me a reason to finally get it done. I couldn't have found a better dentist to work with me and make my dream come true. Dr. Mohr is brilliant, a perfectionist, and truly takes pride in his work. That is the kind of dentist you want working on your teeth since your smile is the first thing people see when they meet you. His concern for my comfort level was incredible and that made a long process very easy. The final result was beyond my expectations, and I highly recommend him for cosmetic dentistry. Thank you so much Dr. Mohr, and your staff, for making me a very happy 'Mother of the Groom.'"

Stories like Paula’s are the reason we love our work so much. Are you in need of a major transformation before an upcoming wedding, reunion, or other big event? If so, don’t hesitate in making the changes necessary to reveal your most beautiful smile — you deserve it. Contact Smile Creations and request your appointment today!

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After Loss, Glen Regains His Smile

July 2016

After Loss, Glen Regains His Smile

After Glen’s wife passed away, he knew he’d need more than a little help getting his smile back. He decided making a few improvements to his teeth might help. He’d always dealt with pretty significant dental imperfections, but he’d just never gotten around to getting them fixed. Now was as good a time as any, he thought.

He was right. After all, we here at Smile Creations firmly believe there’s never a better time to take the first steps in achieving your smile dreams than, well, right now.

Glen wanted to put his smile in the hands of a compassionate, experienced dentist. So what did he do? He turned where any of us would -- to the Internet. It wasn’t long before he came across us here at Smile Creations. He read through our available cosmetic and restorative dental services, and got to know Dr. Mohr’s background. He decided this was the expert to trust with his new smile. Sure, the office was an hour away from Glen’s home, but he decided long-lasting quality was more important than temporary convenience.

We’ll tell you one thing: Glen’s smile makeover wasn’t simple. He was dealing with a missing tooth and a canine that jutted out of place, on top of other cosmetic and functional issues. But Dr. Mohr is absolutely passionate about designing new smiles for patients like Glen, and he was thrilled to rise to the challenge.

Today, Glen can’t stop smiling, and he has his transformation at Smile Creations to thank. For Dr. Mohr and his team, the best reward for a successful smile makeover is a satisfied patient -- and we were so happy to receive a basket of delicious chocolate covered fruit from Glen after his smile journey was complete! He says it was just a small token of his appreciation. For us, though, the best gift is when he shows off his new, beautiful smile.

Glen’s trusted dentist has studied extensively at The Pankey Institute, a center for advanced dental studies for dentists and their staff. It’s here that Dr. Mohr learned that his work is not just about treating teeth. It’s about building relationships with patients like Glen.

Glen’s success story is just one out of a number of Smile Creations’ satisfied patients. Do you need a little help uncovering your most attractive smile? Or maybe you need a lot of help -- we are prepared to handle the whole range of dental imperfections. Contact Dr. Mohr’s office to discuss your cosmetic transformation or to schedule your appointment today! We can’t wait to help you live a fuller, more confident life with a smile that truly shines.

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Finally Doing Something for Me

April 2016

Finally Doing Something for Me

I just completed my cosmetic procedure with Dr. Allan S. Mohr DDS at Smile Creations. I got a fixed bridge and crowns. First, let me start off by saying: words can't explain how I really feel. I am extremely happy and overjoyed that I have my confidence back.

For over 15 years, I needed this work done; but due to financial reasons, I always had to put it on the backburner. Recently, I was blessed to receive some funds and I told myself that it's about time that I do something for me. Finding a dentist wasn't easy — I'm a picky person. I found Dr. Mohr on the internet and was happy that he was located in Long Island, New York. I was even more intrigued with the reviews, before and after pictures, and Dr. Mohr's lengthy experience.

From the time I stepped into his office: his staff was amazing, courteous, and professional. When I had my consultation with Dr. Mohr, I was convinced he was the one for me. He spoke with such great confidence and expertise that I couldn't see myself going any other place. In the beginning, I cried happy tears when he showed me my before and after pictures.

During each appointment, he always made sure I was comfortable and happy with his work. That's one thing I respected the most about Dr. Mohr: he always made sure I was happy at the end of each appointment. At the end of my final appointment, I told myself I wasn't going to cry… but when I finally saw my smile, I burst into happy tears.

I saw a new and improved smile. I saw a new and improved Nicole. Dr. Mohr, I know no one is perfect but you are as close as they come. You are a phenomenal dentist and I appreciate everything that you and your staff have done for me. Thank you so much.

Before & Afters

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Small Changes, Big Impact

March 2016

Small Changes, Big Impact

Before Ingrid was our Smile of the Month, her first thought when you said “vampire” probably wasn’t the same as yours or mine. What was it? Her own teeth -- or as she would call them, her fangs.

Ingrid’s incisors were just too pointy, and was tired of dealing with the anxiety and stress related to what she viewed as an unattractive smile. But she knew it could be better… so she decided to give cosmetic dentistry a try.

At SmileCreations4U, Dr. Mohr and the whole team love helping patients like Ingrid achieve their very best smiles. Whether it’s porcelain veneers, orthodontics, cosmetic bonding or another of our wonderful aesthetic services, we can help increase smile-confidence and improve patients’ lives with cosmetic dentistry. That’s why when Ingrid called to schedule her appointment, we couldn’t wait to get started.

Ingrid knew she wanted beautiful porcelain veneers to correct her pointy incisors, and after a careful examination, Dr. Mohr agreed that this was the best solution. These thin, porcelain coverings are a wonderful way to improve the shape and overall appearance of imperfect teeth. In a matter of just two visits to our Massapequa Park office, we were able to introduce Ingrid to her new, rejuvenated smile!

Stories like Ingrid’s aren’t uncommon for patients who choose cosmetic dentistry at Dr. Mohr’s office. We chose to feature her for our Smile of the Month to show that even minor smile improvements can make a big difference. Check out Ingrid’s before and after shots, and we know you’ll agree.

Today, Ingrid is living a fuller, more confident life as a result of her new and improved smile. Because when people feel good about their teeth, smiling is more fun… and life looks a lot brighter.

Are you in need of a smile transformation? Whether it’s a small but impactful change like Ingrid’s, or something a little more involved, we know we can help at SmileCreations4U. Contact us in Massapequa Park to learn more about your options in cosmetic dentistry today!

Before & Afters

Wedded Blissful Smiles

January 2016

Wedded Blissful Smiles

When patients visit the team at SmileCreations4U, we make a promise to provide dental care that exceeds even the highest expectations. When Mary chose to visit our Massapequa Park practice, she traveled all the way from Brooklyn. A two hour round trip for every appointment meant our team felt even more pressure to help Mary get the results she desired!

Mary always had small gaps between her front top and bottom teeth, but they were not as noticeable in her youth. Over the years, her teeth continued to shift, and with just a month until her wedding, Mary had started hiding her smile during photos and lacked the confidence she wanted for her special day.

She found our office online while looking for a dentist who could offer amazing results before her wedding. After reading reviews from our patients, viewing our smile gallery, and seeing Dr. Mohr’s past experience and training, Mary decided the drive from Brooklyn was worth it and called our team right away. We scheduled a cosmetic consultation, and invited her to bring photos of smiles she admired.

During her consultation, we made a number of recommendations including orthodontic treatment, but when we heard her timeline, we knew the best options to get the smile of her dreams were porcelain veneers and cosmetic bonding. Over the next few weeks, we applied veneers to her bottom teeth, and used bonding to diminish the gap between her top teeth. By the day of her wedding, Mary was ready to confidentially smile for the camera.

According to Mary’s review of our office, results exceeded her expectations and made the wedding perfect. “Dr. Mohr is not only outstanding at what he does, but also an extremely nice and compassionate person. His entire staff also deserves the highest praise. For anyone considering porcelain veneers and/or bonding, I highly recommend Dr. Allan Mohr and his staff.”

If you’re in need of a dental transformation, contact Dr. Mohr and his SmileCreations4U team in Massapequa Park. Patients choose our office for their treatment because we offer solutions and care that exceed even the highest expectations leaving patients with beautiful smiles every time.

Before & Afters

New Smile, New Outlook

September 2015

When Tajuana finally made the decision to take the necessary steps to improve her smile, she looked for a doctor and staff that she could trust with a proven track record of success. When she came to Dr. Mohr at SmileCreations4U, it was plain to see that her smile was not making her happy and she wanted his advice as to her options.

Upon examination, Dr. Mohr discovered that Tajuana was born without some of her front teeth and had two baby teeth on the right side of her smile. She also had large spaces interspersed throughout her smile, and especially between her 2 front teeth. After a comprehensive evaluation that included a smile analysis and digital imaging, Dr. Mohr developed a treatment plan to create the smile Tajuana had always wanted and deserved.

Offering guidance and smile design, Dr. Mohr worked with a skilled orthodontist to reposition Tajuana’s teeth. After only a few months, Dr. Mohr then created custom bridges to fill the gaps in her smile. In doing so, Dr. Mohr was able to restore her oral health, and more importantly to this patient, her smile. During the process, she had to wear temporary teeth, and Tajuana couldn’t believe the change in her smile with even just temporaries… she couldn’t wait for the permanent results! Obviously, her before and after pictures tell the true story.

Whether you live in Massapequa, the surrounding areas of Bellmore, Seaford, Wantagh, Amityville, or any parts of Long Island, New York and you’d like to meet with Dr. Mohr about a smile makeover of your own, please contact us today. To see other smile makeovers from real patients to our office, check out our Smile Gallery.

Before & Afters

Second Time is a Charm


When John P. came to Smile Creations for a complimentary dental implant consultation, Dr. Mohr worked with one of his trusted implant surgeons to evaluate his issues. With Dr. Mohr's guidance and experience restoring dental implants, the patient’s problem was corrected! John had no idea, however, to the numerous other clinical problems that were occurring in his mouth. Dr. Mohr conducted a comprehensive examination, examined digital x-rays, analyzed clinical photographs, and created custom models of John's mouth to evaluate his occlusion (bite). After committing to a custom treatment plan, the two worked together to fully restore John’s oral health and smile. The results were spectacular, and John could not be more excited… just read his ecstatic Google review below!

“If you are looking for perfection in dental workmanship, look no further. Dr. Mohr is a master in his field. I came to his office with a myriad of issues accumulated over the last 40+ years including grinding my teeth to 60% of their original size. My teeth were tiny, square, discolored, broken and missing.

Dr. Mohr took one look and delivered the news. Six months later, my teeth were restored and better than the original! It was an amazing transformation. I look 10+ years younger too! Dr. Mohr surrounds himself with an extremely skilled and experienced team and is aided by state-of-the art dental technology.

Before & Afters

Scroll left and right to see the transformation!

The initial examination is in-depth and the follow-up consultation includes a detailed explanation of the issues, followed by plan customized to meet your needs. Once given the go-ahead, the magic begins!

Execution is precise, flawless and his staff is synchronized with his every move. Dr. Mohr’s knowledge, artistry and passion for dentistry traverses from his hands to your smile. This is a five star customer experience from the presentation of the immaculate office, the warm, friendly natured team and the expertise and creativity delivered at the hands of Dr. Mohr and his team.

You will applaud yourself for the rewarding experience you will receive when you visit Dr. Mohr's office.”

-John P., Actual Google Review

Dr. Mohr and the Dynamic Duo: Ready for Anything!


Dr. Mohr is well known for his devotion to his patients, and his desire to give them the smiles of their dreams. Recently, he completed a full smile makeover on Brendan and Elissa, adult twin siblings who had a lot of teeth problems, including gaps, discoloration and bad alignment. Their teeth made both twins self-conscious and unhappy, unwilling to smile in public, and unable to live a rich, full life. They turned to Dr. Mohr, and the results? Amazing! Just look at the smiles on this dynamic duo!

Brendan received a full set of veneers from Dr. Mohr. His results were, in his words, “absolutely perfect. I smile a lot more…. I’m not hiding my teeth anymore, [I’m] showing them off now because Dr. Mohr is a magician… He literally changed my entire personality for the better.”

At Brendan’s initial appointments, Dr. Mohr and his team created molds and models of both Brendan’s existing teeth and projected results using digital imaging. In as little as three visits, Dr. Mohr gently applied porcelain veneers to correct gapped teeth and realign his bite line.

Elissa, Brendan's twin sister, had a "gummy" smile (large gums and small teeth), along with a bite line that followed her top lip instead of her lower lip. Dr. Mohr worked with Elissa to customize a treatment plan based on her wants and needs, and together they decided to create custom-molded, natural veneers for her teeth. “What we liked about him was he said it was all about me,” said Elissa. “He wanted my teeth to look real & natural, if I end up needing 4 veneers we will only do 4, opposed to 6 or 8. He wasn't pushing me on anything."

Before & Afters



Scroll left and right to see the transformation!

The end result for Elissa was a completely natural-looking smile, not the "fake white tee-shirt teeth," to use her words, which so many dentists use on every patient regardless of whether or not it suits their mouth. Each veneer was individually crafted and given minor "imperfections" to seamlessly blend in with her existing teeth.

Both twins praised Dr. Mohr and his staff for their attention to detail and friendliness during every appointment, saying they never had to wait for the dentist or had any unanswered questions. This is just one example of the incredible service all patients of Dr. Allan Mohr at Smile Creations receive!

If you live in Massapequa, NY or the surrounding areas of Bellmore, Wantagh, or Amityville, and you’d like to meet with Dr. Mohr about a smile makeover of your own, please contact us today. To see other smile makeovers from real patients to our office, check out our Smile Gallery.

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