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Why the Holidays Are the Worst Time for Your Teeth (But They Don’t Have to Be)

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family enjoying holiday dinner

Everyone has something they look forward to during the holiday season, whether it’s the food, the break in the normal routine, or the extra time that’s spent with loved ones. While these are all good for the soul, unfortunately, the holidays can be VERY hard on your teeth for many reasons. Thankfully, you can make sure to avoid common pitfalls and start the new year with a bright, healthy smile just by following these simple tips over the next few weeks.

Sit Back & Relax…But Brush!

Your day-to-day routine gets to take a deserved break this time of the year, which is a welcome respite. However, in the midst of sleeping in, traveling, and staying up late for various parties and gatherings, it becomes very easy to skip brushing and flossing. It’s important to keep up with these daily practices, because not only will they make sure your breath is fresh while you’re catching up with family and friends, but they will also ensure that your risk for cavities and gum disease stays at an absolute minimum.

Bring on the Water

Hot cocoa, apple cider, and any number of peppermint-tinged drinks are everywhere. While everyone has a favorite holiday beverage, they tend to all have one thing in common—tons of sugar. As you know, excess sugar consumption can lead to cavities because the harmful bacteria in your mouth use it as fuel to harm your enamel. More sugar equals stronger bacteria. The best way to avoid overindulging in sugary drinks is to avoid them entirely, but the holidays wouldn’t be the same without them!

So, the way to go is to simply alternate whatever festive drink you’re having with water. This will give your mouth a nice rinse and remove a lot of the problematic leftover sugar, plus it will help you stay hydrated (which can be a challenge for those who enjoy more adult beverages).

Limit Snacking

Holiday traditions vary, but they all involve a ton of delicious foods, which means there are plenty of scrumptious leftovers afterward. However, snacking throughout the day actually puts you at a higher risk of cavities because your teeth are being exposed to sugar for an extended period of time. This can be just as harmful as eating something that’s really sweet in one sitting.

If you can limit your snacking, even a little bit, that will be great for your pearly whites as well as your waistline, plus it will allow your favorite treats to last even longer!  

Can you have a great time during the holidays while looking after your oral health? Yes you can! With these tips in mind, you can get into the swing of things while having the peace of mind that the new year won’t begin with a toothache.

About the Author

Dr. Allan Mohr is an award-winning cosmetic and dental implant dentist who has served the Massapequa area for over three decades. He wants your smile to be bright every day of the year, which can be especially challenging during the holidays. That’s why he and his team are happy to offer you actionable, reasonable advice you can follow, plus you can schedule one last checkup and cleaning before things get really busy by contacting him today.

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